The Ludwig


The inspiration for the Ludwig Chardonnay comes from two imaginative people. The first is a German friend, and the creative mind behind the ‘Adam’s Leap’ name. While it’s not his legal German moniker, the moment I heard the story of how Ludwig became his official name in Australia is a comedy of errors that made me laugh so much I cried. The second is a visionary composer of beautiful symphonies. The Ludwig is a creative single vineyard Chardonnay that is a symphony of fun and sophistication. Enjoy it with friends who inspire your creativity, and make you laugh so hard you cry.

Tasting notes

Barrel fermented in 20% new French oak, and followed by malolactic fermentation, the result is a classic Chardonnay with subtle characters of brioche, white peach and honeydew, which enrich the elegant, crisp, and restrained palate.

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We have two more creative wines coming in 2018 – a Shiraz and a Shiraz/Voignier. Stay tuned!

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