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What’s a whelper?

A whelper or whelping box  is designed to protect puppies during birth (whelping) and early life by keeping them safely contained, protected from cold, and safe from the danger of crushing or smothering by the mother. Ian’s Whelpers are handcrafted just outside of Sydney, Australia and are made from durable materials designed to last. They come in two sizes 1.2m square and 1.2 x 1.6m square, but can also be built to your exact specifications. They are suitable for most breeds, and are available in your choice of two finishes – 12mm ply or Kookaburra ply (a durable bamboo material).

What do they look like?

Ply whelping box 1.6 x 1.m

Ply whelping box – various sizes

Kookaburra ply (woven bamboo)

Kookaburra ply (woven bamboo)

Puppies in a whelper

Ian’s dalmatians

Want something a little different?

We also build custom whelping boxes to suit your exact requirements. Contact us to find out more.