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More skills

For teaching the Bible

Specific units of the course focus on studying books of the Bible, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the Scripture itself, and a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Part of knowing how to teach the Bible to a group is being aware of the questions that others ask about the Bible. Taught in the expressive style, the ministry subjects include skills in teaching the Bible and reading it with individuals, teaching in small groups and addressing larger groups with teaching from the Scriptures.

More experience

For growing others in the faith

Our assessment tasks focus on group interaction, using tools such as workshopping and forums that give students plenty of opportunity to communicate their learning to their peers and to others. Students are coached in giving and receiving feedback as well as exchanging ideas and hearing critique. This makes for a truly experiential, multi-faceted learning process, which provides students with tools to help them grow and inspire others in the faith.

More insight

Into communicating across cultures

Units include Understanding Islam, an elective subject designed to help Christians to grasp key aspects of the Muslim faith. A two-fold task is being done by such units – learning to cross cultures as well as listen to others.

More wisdom

From the history of God’s people

The core unit in Church History fosters a greater understanding of the history of Christian thought. Much like understanding one’s family tree, we like to think of this unit as teaching in the style of the TV program, Who Do You Think You Are? – by enabling Christians to understand how God has worked in history to give them the Church experience that they have today.

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Moore College’s vision is evangelical and international. Based on the Sydney campus at Newtown, the College provides ministers for the Anglican Church in Sydney and also for other Diocese and denominations. Moore also trains Christian workers for ministries to children, youth, families, and cross-cultural mission. Students come to study from a wide range of church and cultural contexts, for enrolment in diploma, graduate, postgraduate and distance courses.